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  We are an eclectic Wiccan Circle in the Twin Cities area. Our rites are centered on developing connections to the Elements and the Divine. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves. We also are a Teaching Circle. We provide a basic education in the Wiccan Path for Seekers, with labs, movie nights, and book discussions. “Shades of Gray” is an ethics centered group with members from a wide array of lifestyles.

We use a variety of Pantheons; Greek, Celtic, and Egyptian are the dominant ones. We create and craft our own tools and garb as well as our own brand of rituals. We are now attempting to bring more of the ancient emotion back into rituals. We incorporate many songs, but try to keep out the unnecessary wasting of time. As a group, Shades of Gray is private, but we work with the Twin Cities Pagan community. We are also members of the Wiccan Church of Minnesota.